Enterprise Application Services


From the time ITSPURS was incorporated, back in 2014, our promoting partners have brought in a strong PeopleSoft competency put together drawing from decades of consulting experience of our leaders, and the technological and domain understanding that they have inculcated in the team.

Over the years and with each release and instance that we have managed, our insight and understanding of the technology has grown manifold. This allows us to preemptively remove pain points and stumbling blocks during the course of the project, making sure your business goals are not impacted.

Furthermore, our robust and mature processes create the ideal platform for delivering a high standard of Quality Assurance through every stage of the project.

Our PeopleSoft offering includes:

  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis and Evaluation
  • Business Process Management and Re-Engineering
  • Application Integration
  • Oracle Fusion implementations
  • Training
  • Managed Services

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